Monday, 17 September 2007

Radio Days

Some very nice people down at BBC London Radio (94.9FM) have been in touch with reference to this blog and my journey to Wembley (well, actually, my trips to Kent, but don't get me started on that again...). If you are listening to tonight's show (9pm to 10pm), you may well hear a mention. There was the possibility that I was going to be on air to plug my blog. Good grief. But then I think they saw sense and realised I don't have the face for radio.

So anyway, tune in and and enjoy the show. Tonight's episode is entitled "Cups and Commotions" and will be taking a look at the FA Cup games from the weekend. Hendon FC manager, Gary McCann, will also be in the studio.

If you are into grass roots football, this is the radio show to listen to.

[is that OK guys? £5 in the post?]

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Chopper said...

So, are you going to be on next weeks show? I'll definitely listen if you are!