Saturday, 22 September 2007

The missing Cheese & Onion pasty

Since my post about the Dartford v Sittingbourne tie (Game 3), it appears that I have started (or reignited?) a lively debate about the Cheese & Onion pasty incident at half-time. I have seen on a number of message boards references to the mix up, and by all accounts, it is nothing new down at Princes Park. Chicken & Mushroom, Sausage Roll, Meat Pie, Cornish Pasty. It's a bit like a savoury lucky dip - you just don't know what you are going to get.

But never a Cheese & Onion pasty.

Well, for all the Dartford regulars, the mystery is finally over. I hired a crack investigative team to locate the missing Cheese & Onion pasty, and I think we've found it.

Click [here] to see for yourself.

So, we can all rest easy and look forward to the Camberley Town match. Best bring a packed lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Pasties. You just can't say no. Even after the biggest basket of fish and chips, you have to have a half time pastie!