Monday, 19 November 2007

The rain in Staines

Monday. Couldn't resist. FA Cup 1st Round replay. Staines Town v Stockport County. Ten minutes from Chertsey. A cup shock? On Sky TV. Sell out game. Staines fans wearing Ali G costumes. Stockport fans not. What more to ask for?

A game of football. That's what.

Rain. All day. And more rain. Drive to ground. Pouring with rain. Park car. Chucking it down. Get out of car, stand in big puddle. Big bloody puddle. The size of Liechtenstein. Boots full of water. Soggy socks and heavy jeans. Into pub. Soaked. Dry out. Game still on at 6:15pm. More rain. Game still on at 6:30pm. Still raining. Game still on at 7:00pm. Wearing a dozen layers. Look like a sumo. Sweating like a pig. Steaming like a porker. Game still on at 7:15pm.

Wade to ground. Raining. In queue at ground, rain stops. Excellent. Two Staines Town players leave ground. Or were they Stockport players? They get in car. Drive off. Clue?

Rumour. Game off. Surely not. Stopped raining. No more rain. Now drying up. 7:20pm, announcement from steward. Difficult to understand. Steward with false teeth. False teeth that don't fit. Probably not his own. Wearing them in for his mate. What did he say? Game off. Please all go home. Move on. Nothing to see here tonight.

Irony. Stockport County pay for Staines Town floodlights upgrade.

Hindsight. Pitch cover would have been better.

Pity. Stockport fans. Long journey back North. And no one knows where their coach is parked.

Grateful. I'm not a Stockport fan.

Same time next week?

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by Paul Kirkwood said...

Most impressive piece of non-curricular Cup tie watching. At least, I guess, it would've been. The match was well covered in the Non League Radio Show: