Wednesday, 7 November 2007

No studs please, we're British

What is happening to our country?

A school in Bexley, South-East London, has banned children from wearing football boots for football training because they are deemed to be too dangerous. Bedonwell Primary School have said that children who attend any of the Charlton Athletic run football courses must wear plimsolls.

Good grief.

I really feel for the children these days. Kids can no longer play conkers because they are deemed to be "dangerous weapons". Two schools have banned them because of the risk to nut allergy sufferers. Children in Blackburn cannot do backstroke in the local swimming pool less they crash into someone. A school in Manchester has banned the wearing of knotted ties because of the "safety risk". The school now sells clip on ties. Traditional games such as British Bulldog, Rounders and Football are slowly disappearing from our playgrounds.

It's not only children affected. The Red Arrows have been banned from displaying at the 2012 Olympics in London because they are "too British" and we might offend other nations. Firefighters were told that they could not remove bunting in Ampthill, Bedfordshire because - wait for it - it is unsafe for them to use ladders. Camden Council have banned barbecues from summer festivals.

I really think we've lost the plot.

So no more football studs at Bedonwell Primary School. Despite the fact that trying to play football in plimsolls is far more dangerous for the children.

Also in the news this week, England have been given the green light to bid for the 2018 World Cup. I really hope we get it, it will be a great spectacle. Footballers from all over the world competing for the biggest prize on our own doorstep.

The only problem is that they will all be asked to wear plimsolls.

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Chopper said...

To be fair British Bulldog always was fairly lethal!