Saturday, 17 November 2007

hu nafal barosh

If you had told me, back at the start of this season, that on a cold and damp mid-November Saturday evening I would be indoors, in front of the box in the corner, urging on Israel to get a result against Russia, I would have said that you were a sandwich short of a picnic.

But here I am, planning to do exactly that. I will join many others this evening keeping an eye or an ear on events in Tel Aviv.

At least that was the plan. My son is now hogging the TV downstairs lapping up The X Factor (please don't ask) and my wife is recording Strictly Come Dancing on the portable upstairs. That leaves me firmly relegated to the radio on the computer, so it will be my ears doing the work tonight. When it comes to a pecking order in this family, I know my place.

So, come on Israel (said with conviction).

In Israel they would not understand the idiom "a sandwich short of a picnic" when questioning someones intelligence. They would be much kinder and simply say "hu nafal barosh" which means "he fell on his head". I just hope Israel keep their heads tonight and see off Russia.

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