Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tuesday night, replay night

Well it's Tuesday night and that means FA Cup replays. Except there is one tomorrow night as well. But generally they are on Tuesdays. Except not every Tuesday, just the Tuesday following the Saturday round fixtures. Well, most of the time. I think the replays after the Second Round Proper are two weeks after the original ties....anyhow, you get my gist.

Eastbourne Borough FC will have one eye on tonight's results as they will learn who they are to face in the next round. Saturday gone, Hitchin Town came away from Weymouth with a very credible 1-1 draw. Credible because Hitchin Town operate two tiers below Conference side Weymouth. The winners of tonight's replay will travel to Priory Lane on Saturday 10th November.

You would guess that I don't have a preference who Eastbourne Borough meet in the Second Round Proper. I should be saying here that I would welcome either side as both would have plenty to offer. Both teams are new teams to me and I shouldn't really mind how tonight's match finishes.

Except I do.

I know that this FA Cup journey will at times test my resolve, particularly in terms of some of the distances I will need to travel. I have been lucky so far; the longest trip I've had was to Eastbourne, but that was still manageable. The remainder of this Autumn I spent in Kent which is only one county removed. But I know that the map will get bigger, and I have no problem with that. I will go the distance. The more I say that, the more I believe it.

The biggest concern I have though are the replays. Travelling to Carlisle at a weekend will be fine. Travelling to Grimsby on a Tuesday night would be more of a challenge. A thorough examination of my resolve.

So I look at tonight's replay through tainted glasses. My thoughts are selfish thoughts. Hitchin Town would be easier for me to travel to (on a Tuesday night) than Weymouth should the Eastbourne Borough v Weymouth or Hitchin Town game on Saturday 10th November be a draw. So many 'ifs' and 'buts'...But once again, you get my gist

But, hey, whatever. There is no point fretting on this, it will bring no influence to bear on tonight's result. May the best team win.

Now, can I please have my gist back.


mrtricky said...

You'll be watching us v Weymouth after their 1-0 replay victory at Hitchin, where, according to Hitchin's website, there was a mega 22 man brawl with tunnel fighting!

Just hope we beat Weymouth to prevent you travelling to any replay. Then 2nd round draw gives us another home tie. How nice for you!

ATB. Rick

Steve Moore said...


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Graham said...

Yes, the problem all started at Hitchin when one of Weymouth's central defenders, Justin Roberts, took at Hitchin's Jon Stevenson with the ball miles away. Martin Standen came rushing in pushing Roberts in the chest and suddenly everyone got involved.

Once the referee restored order, both Roberts and then Standen received red cards, but Standen chased after Roberts as he reached the tunnel, and everyone rushed over, led by the Weymouth keeper.

Total madness !

Amazingly, the second half went by without any further incidents, as the players got on with the cup tie.

Graham said...

Should have read that Roberts took a kick at Stevenson with the ball miles away.