Monday, 15 October 2007

The calling of the sea...

One thing that I have not admitted to whilst writing this blog is that deep down I have always hoped that this road would, at least once, lead me to the coast.

So following today's draw for the 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup you could say that I am fairly chuffed with the outcome:

Eastbourne Borough v Bromley

Eastbourne Borough play in the same league as Bromley (Blue Square South) and in fact only met nine days ago when Eastbourne Borough won 3-1 in front 761 fans. I don't know a great deal about the club, other than they are not to be confused with Eastbourne Town who play in the Ryman League South. I will do some digging...

And talking of digging, I need to go and look for my bucket and spade. And my knotted hanky.

Foot note: thanks to everyone who has written to me asking after my wife following her volleyball accident which resulted in sprained ligaments in her right foot. I'm pleased to report that her foot is a lot better, the crutches have been dispensed with and she is well on the way to a full recovery!


The Punter's Friend - The Bookies Enemy! said...

I left a comment a few hours ago, saying that you might end up at Boro, and here you are! Whay would you like to know (other than Bromley is the greatest little club in England?)

There are, in fact, three Eastbourne senior non-league teams - Eastbourne Borough (until recently called Langney Sports, but nobody knew where Langney was), Eastbourne Town and Eastbourne United Association - in fact Eastbourne is the onlt town in the UK with three senior teams bearing its name, so we are the centre of the footballing world!
Borough are a real community club, and have won the FA Community Club award for Sussex almost every season, as well as the SE England last year. We have a reserve team, as well as juniors and Borough ladies. We are probably the poorest financed team in the division, with no main sponsor and a council who seem determined to close the club down, and we rely almost 100% on volunteers to run the club, only having one full-time member of staff. All players are part-time as well.
One of the best-supported teams at Pyramid Two level, average aboou 700+ at home this season, and are famous for our (rather out of tune) band - which means a mob of teenagers with drums, whistles and trumpets.
Also do the best chips in non-league football.
Have progressed in 20 years from playing on a park pitch to having our own ground, even hosting nonm-league internationals here.
Plenty of parking (very poor disabled access, always a gripe about that), large bar and club room outside the ground (open to all visitors, naturally), no segregation (unless the local police throw a wobbly - happens sometimes), and only once have we progressed further than than this is the FA Cup - two years ago, beaten (in a replay) by (then) League Two team Oxford - and were on Match of the Day!
I would say that most Borough fans are 'quietly confident' of progressing, having beaten Bromley 3-1 away a few weeks ago, and our squad is noticably stronger now, with new signings and players returning from injury. Same can be said for Bromley, though.
Borough are also unbeaten this season, home, away and cup matches, are joint top of the division (second to our local rivals Lewes on goal difference only) and are improving every game (almost).
FA Cup so far has seen us beat Edgware Town (2:0, home) and Welling (2:1, home).
Other than that, we look forward to seeing you, and look forward to a good game of football, ending in a convincing Borough victory - and I'll put a tenner where my mouth is, and back them to do just that!

Sniffer 72 said...

Hi 'punter'... yes, I've just left a message on your blog. That was all a bit spooky reading your message about Eastbourne Borough written before the draw was made; do you have friends at the FA? Looking forward already to the visit!

The Punter's Friend - The Bookies Enemy! said...

Eastbourne Borough FC Supporters' Club website:

Official club website:

Anonymous said...

Nice little club, should be a cracking cup tie. But if you want to see the sea best go by train, head towards the sea stopping at the nearest sit down chip shop which is brillant, and then walk to the prom. Everything they say about the place being gods waiting room is true tho...!

Anonymous said...

In Eastbourne the Bucket & Spade sets come marked as "dig your own grave and save" kits.

Still, this tie should liven them up a bit!!

Matthew C said...

Having been to Boro several times as a Dover fan, I say with some confidence that you should have a very enjoyable day.

I've always felt very welcome at their modern and well covered ground.

You've got a good draw there!