Sunday, 20 January 2008

A strange little fact about Bury's FA Cup run *

This post shows how sad I am, but it's things like this that grab my attention.

Bury are on a fine FA Cup run this season. After knocking out Workington (4-1) in the First Round Proper they went on to eliminate Exeter City (1-0) in the Second Round. In the Third Round they had a great result against Norwich City (2-1).

Next Saturday, in the Fourth Round, they will be travelling to St.Mary's to face Southampton.

Question: what do three of Bury's FA Cup opposition - Exeter City, Norwich City and Southampton - have in common?

Answer: they all have the same shirt sponsors, "".

How bizarre?

For all those conspiracy theorists out there who are adamant that the FA Cup draw is fixed, there's another little snippet for you to add to your portfolio of tenuous and insubstantial evidence.

* Thanks to "Shaker" for bringing this to my attention...


Z69 said...

Enjoy the match on Saturday! I won't be there but I hope Hornets triumph!

Jamie said...

Wolves don't stand a chance against the mighty Watford.