Saturday, 2 August 2008

Wick To Wembley? - Blog to Book

Almost one year on since the conception of this blog, it is time to cut it loose and commit it to the archives. The reason is simple: the ‘Wick To Wembley’ blog has now become a ‘Wick To Wembley’ book. There is no feasible way that both blog and book can coexist.

The book ‘Wick To Wembley…on the trail of the FA Cup’ is to be published mid-September 2008 by Centre Circle Publishing.

The book will be available to buy online primarily from the Centre Circle Publishing website and through a number of outlets, details of which will be announced soon. £1 from the sale of each book will be donated to the AfriKids charity.

This site will be updated occasionally with news of the book release and, if I get my act together, news of my 2008-09 venture! As they say, watch this space!

If you are interested in the new book, please subscribe to this site using the link on the right (under the FA Cup picture); you will receive an email as soon as the book is available to buy.


Danny said...

Excellent mate! Delighted you made it all the way and it was a success. Have you mentioned the three fabulous Lincolners you met on your trip to Cambridge in this wonderful book?

Drop me an email when it's out mate I'll definitely have a copy!

Chopper said...

Congratulations on turning this into a book. Won't be long before you'll be signing the rights to a major Hollywood motion picture, but who will you get to play you? Can Jimmy Hill act?

michael said...

Looking forward to reading your expolits, sir. Might give me a bit of support through the dark times as I do this myself this year :D

Ollers said...

Michael - good luck! I'll be following your journey with interest. It is the FA Vase for me this season...