Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Road to Wembley Diamond Car Wobbler

Try telling anyone in Cardiff or Barnsley that the FA Cup doesn't mean anything anymore. The Road to Wembley can start anywhere. It can be as long or it can be as short as needs be. But actually getting there is a huge achievement, so much more if it is totally unexpected. It is the arriving that means just as much as the journey, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Cardiff fans and Barnsley fans alike are living the dream.

In Cardiff and in Barnsley the message boards are buzzing. The club websites are failing to play it down, even though they are "taking one game at a time". The local press are loving it. In sharp contrast to Chertsey back in August, cup fever really has come to town.

And with cup fever comes the cup merchandise. For example, Cardiff are offering fans the chance to pre-order the FA Cup semi final programme. The £5 programme will cost £11 if you want it delivered to your door. That alone is double my entry fee for the Chertsey Town v Wick game.

The occasion is a money-maker's dream. You must make sure you have all the latest gear before the trip to Wembley. The Road to Wembley Car Window Flag. The Road to Wembley Diamond Car Wobbler. The Foam FA Cup. The Foam Wembley 2008 Hand. The Road to Wembley Mini Car Scarf Wobbler. The Road to Wembley Mini Hand Flag. The FA Cup 2008 Scarf.

Yet the best one has to be The Road to Wembley Tee Shirt. Sky blue. But then I guess I'm just being biased, as my wife kindly offered to model the top (see picture above). Looking good dear.

And to think I was worried about getting tickets for the big game - I now have other concerns. So I really must dash and order some merchandise for my trip. I'd be mortified if I left it too late to get my hands on a Road to Wembley Diamond Car Wobbler.

Let's wobble all the way to Wembley.

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Anonymous said...

Sniffer, I have been following your blog since your first Cardiff match (I heard Ali's announcement). It's great that you have got some tickets trhough the club. I really hope that it is Cardiff that you follow all the way to the final. Although getting tickets for the final will be even more manic than the amazing scenes we have seen over the last few days. All the best and keep your thoughts coming, perhaps we will even convert you to a 'Bluebird' by the end of it all??