Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Where to next?

Fate, tonight, will decide exactly what I will be doing on Sunday 9th March. Or, for the more pragmatic out there, the footballing ability of either Sheffield United or Middlesbrough. It kind of feels like the lull before the storm (or earthquake perhaps?) as I prepare to settle down in front of the box in the corner to watch the Fifth Round Replay being contested up at The Riverside.

After tonight's game I will once more be contacting a new club, planning the travel and trying to get tickets. And now the media are taking a lot more of an interest. Hannah down at the Surrey Herald has written another neat piece in today's edition, this time focusing on the worldwide attention my venture is now attracting.

After my five minutes on talkSPORT radio before the Cardiff City trip in the last round, the TV channel ESPN Star Sports (based in Singapore) have been in touch to try and arrange filming of a short feature. There were plans to film at Chertsey Town and then again at Sheffield or Middlesbrough, but these plans have been revised a little; I will speak to the channel (by phone) before we leave and then meet the film crew at the game.

If Middlesbrough win tonight I think we will be making a very early departure on the Sunday morning to ensure filming is done before the game starts. If you are reading this anywhere in Asia, which is where ESPN Star Sports broadcast, then I apologise now. Sniffer 72 will be coming to a TV screen near you. You have been warned.

So just a short post from me tonight. By the time you read this, chances are you already know the result of tonight's replay. And who do I want to win? Let fate decide.

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