Monday, 3 December 2007

Off to Wolverhampton...

The draw for the 3rd Round Proper of this season's FA Cup was made yesterday at Soho Square. By the time Cambridge United's number was pulled out of the hat, there weren't that many teams left. But tie number twenty seven (out of thirty two) shaped up as:

05 Jan 2008 15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Cambridge United

Off to Molineux for me in January, a ground I last visited in the early 1980s. Lots of amber and black to look forward to.

Now for the planning part. I doubt if it will be all ticket, but the Cambridge allocation may well be ticket only. This will be the first occasion in this run that I will need to keep an eye open for advance ticket news and make some decisions about which part of the ground to sit in.

Best get my brain into gear. Excuse the creaking noise, the cogs may be a bit rusty.


Ben said...

Cambridge fans will most likely be in the South Bank Area of the ground, East Flank. If you can't get in there then the home fans will be in the west flank. This is traditionally the home of the Wolves most passionate supporters so either way you will be in for a good day out.

Be warned that Wolves style of play relies heavily on a short 15 minute burst of energy in the first half and this may leave the Cambridge players knackered at least until half time.

Hopefuly Wolvers will be victorious and you can spend another few happy afternoons at Molineux before the Semi Finals.

Anonymous said...

Are you busing from cambridge. United has 20+ buses going to the game for a £10 fee--cheaper than train or petrol.